1 Bruschetta mix – tomatoes, eggplant and grilled zucchini (150g)
20 lei

2 Bruschetta with homemade bresaola and rucola(200g)
24 lei

3 Bruschetta with salmon gravlax, baby spinach and radish(200g)
32 lei

4 Zuchinni rolls with goat cheese, homemade bresaola and almond flakes(200g)
28 lei

5 Black Tiger shrimps in butter with garlic, chilli and parsley(200g)
48 lei

6 Beef carpaccio with rucola, truffle butter and parmesan(150g)
46 lei

7 Duck liver with caramelized apples(200g)
82 lei

8 Red tuna tartar with avocado and queill eggs (150g)
54 lei

9 Gratin artichoke with truffle and parmesan cheese(250g)
32 lei

10 Beet carpaccio with goat cheese and walnuts(150g)
26 lei