1 Greek salad – tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, olives and feta cheese(250g)
26 lei

2 Baby spinach letuce with blue cheese, egg and crispy prosciutto (200g)
26 lei

3 Chicken salad with sesames, ginger sos and sweet chilli(250g)
28 lei

4 Caesar salad – chicken breast, iceberg letuce, Caesar sauce and parmesan cheese(250g)
34 lei

5 Cous Cous salad with avocado and baby shrimps(200g)
32 lei

6 Salad with Gravlax salmon and orange sauce(200g)
36 lei

7 Rucola salad with shrimps and avocado in lemon sauce(250g)
46 lei

8 Chickpeas salad with ginger and avocado *Vegan (250g)
28 lei

9 Rucola salad with beetroot, quinoa and pomegranate*Vegan (200g)
28 lei

** All salads are accompanied by focaccia, except Caesar salad.